Friday, March 27, 2015

St Louis School Board: Opportunities to engage the candidates, reclaim public education for the people of St. Louis

From Susan Turk Commonsense:

There are two opportunities next week to hear the candidates speak and ask questions.  There are 5 candidates, Natalie Vowell, Charli Cooksey, David Jackson, Katie Wessling and Joey Hollins.  There is a sixth name on the ballot, Tom Oldenburg but he has decided not to run.  Charlie Cooksey has raised over $30,000 for the race.  The other candidates are all self-funding their campaigns and were not expecting to have to raise money.  Cooksey is making things much more of a challenge.   So, come hear the candidates and vote!  This is a light turn out election.  Your vote can make a difference.

Monday March 30, 6pm, 18 Ward Democratic Political Forum, Trinity Church 600 N. Euclid

Wednesday April 1, 7pm, League of Women Voters & Local #420 Political Forum, Carr Lane School, 1004 N. Jefferson