Thursday, August 27, 2015

St Louis: Women Leading Local Struggle for the Environment

Prisoners In Their Own Homes
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 In Our Backyard -The World's Oldest Nuclear Waste Site

September 10, 2015 

6:30 coffee and conversation
7:00 program  

New Location

The Heights
Maplewood-Richmond Heights Community Center
8001 Dale Avenue Richmond Heights, MO 63117   
 (Just east of South Hanley near I-64)

free and
open to the public  

Karen Nickel, Dawn Chapman, Debi Disser - founders Just Moms STL
"I go to bed worrying. I wake up worrying. Will my 5-year-old get cancer?"  "The odor is so bad, you can't even walk outside. We're prisoners in our own homes."

These are the words of two St. Louis mothers who live near the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton. Their neighborhood is a childhood cancer cluster. Their children are suffering from many health conditions due to the nuclear waste landfill and smoldering fire in their community.

But the voices of moms are being heard. Just Moms STL, founded by three mothers who live in Bridgeton, is calling for a clean-up of the toxic waste. 

Their message: "EPA Save Our Children" is building momentum. Missouri's elected officials in Washington are calling for a clean-up. But Dawn Chapman, a co-founder of Just Moms STL is skeptical that the EPA will keep its promise to deliver a remedy by January 2017.

This while more children get sick. And Bridgeton residents breathe rotten air when they go to the park, grocery shopping or out their front door.

Come hear  Dawn Chapman, Co-founder, Just Moms STL and Ed Smith, Safe Energy Director, Missouri Coalition for the Environment update us about efforts to clean up the toxic waste dump they live with every day.