Wednesday, August 26, 2015

St Louis Public Schools: Give Retired Teachers a Cost of Living Adjustment. Don't give away their future to the hedge fund managers

Along with the state takeover of the SLPS, those who now control the teachers' pension fund are spending heavily on advisors, trips, and a portfolio that is way too complex, while refusing to grant cost-of-living adjustments to elder and retired teachers.  Inform yourself.
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August 21, 2015

Call to Action!
Action Required! 

St. Louis City Retirees' Petition for Respect and Fairness

Dear Residents and Retired Educators of Saint Louis City and of Saint Louis County:
This is a CALL TO ACTION! MRTA is initiating and promoting a petition campaign in Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County asking for a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for the Saint Louis City Education Retirees. The Saint Louis City retirees have not received a COLA since 2006 and have lost 25% of their buying power. It is getting difficult for them to make ends meet. This is an issue of respect for their years of public service and of fairness as most education retirees in Missouri have an automatic COLA written in Missouri Statutes.
Our goal is 5,000 signatures or more by December 1, 2015. Our purpose is to compel our elected officials of the General Assembly to use their influence or to introduce legislation to remedy this injustice. We also want to compel the Saint Louis State Appointed School Board, and the Board of Trustees of the PSRS of Saint Louis City to remedy this injustice. 
THE WORLD IS RUN BY THOSE WHO SHOW UP!!! It is up to you. MRTA's strength comes from membership. Thank you for being a member. IF NOT, join MRTA today by clicking HERE.
Please feel free to forward this email and contact MRTA if you have any questions or need anything our contact information is below. THANK YOU!!

P.S.  Through STRENGTH IN NUMBERS we also want to use this petition to show our strength to fight off any attempt to reduce retirement benefits of active Saint Louis City educators or legislating the Saint Louis City employees into a 401(k) system. These will be legitimate threats coming in the next Legislative Session of the General Assembly in January 2016.
THANK YOU for being counted as a member of MRTA!

MRTA organized in 1960, is the oldest and largest retiree association in Missouri consisting of 24,000 public school retirees.  At MRTA the education retiree and educator pension benefits are our #1 priority. 

Jim Kreider
MRTA Executive Director


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