Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?

Lots of lessons here --

This is an excellent description of one subset of the broader actors and forces who are trying to contain and divide Ferguson and other solidarity movements in St. Louis.  

This is a good background for understanding why the Museum, pressured by the JCRC and the ADL, censored the Ayotzinapa-Palestine-Ferguson event.  

This also why Washington University engaged in a serious breach of academic freedom when it censored an open academic debate on the BDS movement last year. 

This also details why, following these courageous figures, we must resist censorship and racism in all their forms.  Definitely worth reading...

From Mondoweiss:

The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?

"Levy said the demand is something out of the Spanish Inquisition. “There’s a single definition of being Jewish: I have to be a Zionist, 110 percent uncritical of Israel, otherwise I can’t call myself a Jew. And I think there’s something wrong with that.”

Rubin said the thought control reminds him of Communist days, when friends said he should never criticize the Soviet Union because Russia was the savior of the working class, and criticism would hurt the movement.

    “Now Israel is the savior of the Jewish community so don’t say anything. Israel is supposed to be a Jewish country–and they don’t want Jews to argue? This is not the way that Jews do business.”

Zellner said Israel is not a Jewish country, any more than the U.S. was a white country when 12 percent of the country was back. But she said the demands of Jewish nationalism have made Jews sick.

    “What’s happening now in the Jewish community, the enforced loyalty to the state of Israel, has made us sick. We are a sick population, we are under such extreme tension. We have people storming out of seder meals, and we in Jews Say No, when we’re out on the street. I have seen normal people who you would not look at twice go from zero to 60 in a second and become raving maniacs. Calling us everything that you can possibly say. We are in a situation where people can’t ask the questions and they can’t talk. “

She said the young Jews in the room were the “prize” that the older Jews are fighting over, and the Fingerhuts will lose.  READ THE REST OF THE STORY