Monday, April 6, 2015

More info on Show_Me15 event at WUSTL Danforth University Center-- yes paradox paradox…union meeting in the heart of the DUC? but Pres of SEIU is coming

By way of one of our network, the bees never stop buzzing:

It is my great pleasure to cordially invite you to a panel discussion on Tuesday, April 7th, featuring Mary Kay Henry, the president of the Service Employees International Union, the largest union in the US, and champion of the global Fight For $15 movement.  The panel will take place at 6:30 pm in Washington University’s Danforth University Center’s Tisch Commons. Space is limited, so come early to get a seat. 

Of the 188 universities participating in the global day of action on April 15th, Mary Kay Henry has chosen to speak at Washington University in St. Louis and only five other schools.

Just about three years ago, St. Louis became the third city to join the Fight For $15 when fast food workers stood up and said enough was enough.  Today, 190 US cities and 40 countries have chapters all with one purpose: to win a living wage and union protection for all low wage workers.  The movement has grown beyond just fast food workers to include adjunct professors, retail employees, home health care workers, and airport workers.

The panel will kick off with performances by WUSLAM and will be emceed by three student leaders in the Fight for 15.  After the panel there will be a Q&A period.

Ultimately the goal is to turn out and turn up for a living wage and a union on Wednesday, April 15th.   Over 1000 people will rally in St. Louis as part of a global day of action that will include 230 cities around the world and an estimated 60,000 people.  There will be a barbecue in Forest Park at the World’s Fair Pavilion from 12-4 pm, a community rally at 4:30 pm on the steps of Brookings followed by a march to the Delmar Loop and actions throughout the city.  Members of the WashU community will meet at Brookings at 4:30 pm on 4/15 to participate in this historic rally.