Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How many ways to express racism on social media?

Social media is said to be a new and 'revolutionary' movement tool.  However it is also a vehicle for anti-movement 'reaction' of various kinds, much of it, in the context of Ferguson, comprised of deeply racist attacks.  This is perhaps intensified by the anonymity of social media, though much of this more and less veiled racism is expressed publicly, and with attribution. These reactions reveal an often hidden (or at least hidden from certain publics) language and sentiment of racist ideology.  How do we interpret and understand the worlds expressed here? 

Compiling examples of racism & racist use of social media.  (Under construction, thoughts and examples)

1. Trolls.  Twitter phenomenon -- a vocabulary of racism

2. Comments. (Post-Dispatch finally turned off commenting on its editorials because of the vitriol).

3. Photoshop/media manipulation (Imgur): http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2014/12/riverfront_times_photo_goes_viral_after_being_edited_to_seem_super_racist.php

4. Facebook (check the Police Association's publicly accessible comments page & the cop talk blog page).

5. Blogworld/extremist media world...

6. Racist movements, in and outside of the digital space (KKK, community expressions against the NAACP march, bar offering a Michael Brown drink special…)