Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What we pay teachers/Where does Chicago (and St Louis) stand?

See the graph at:

Does Chicago seem high? Or do we really under-pay all teachers.

Starting salary for a first-year teacher in St Louis:  $38,300.
Starting salary for a first-year teacher in Clayton, MO: $41,000

Average salary at Clayton High: 65,225.

Average salary at Vashon High:  43,914.

Can you support a family on $38,300?

Or actually, 37,500...

Classroom Teachers: St. Louis Public Schools is looking for energetic, motivated people who love working with children. We need certificated teachers in all subject areas pre-school through grade 12 and counselors. Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree or higher andMissouri Certification or Proof of Eligibility for Certification. Terms of Employment: Ten-month basis. Starting salary is $37,500.00.   Applicants will receive salaries in conjunction with their degree and experience.