Friday, October 23, 2015

Contribute to keep post-Ferguson reporting going strong at St Louis American (via Chris King)

As you may know, the Huffington Post is raising funds to keep the reporter they share with The St. Louis American, Mariah Stewart, in our newsroom. Between now and when the campaign ends, which is tomorrow, the Huffington Post is matching all contributions.

Donation opportunities range from $10 to $5,000. Here is where people would donate:

The back story:

Last year, The Huffington Post approached us with the loan of a reporter, Mariah Stewart. Mariah is a young, local African-American journalist who was covering Ferguson on her own until the HuffPost adopted her. They crowd-funded her salary as a Ferguson Fellow.

With her editors being in D.C., they wanted a local newsroom for her to work out of, and they approached us. With our very small staff and limited resources, of course we accepted a free reporter. We have enjoyed having Mariah in our newsroom, and she has done a lot of good work for us.

HuffPost has now started a new crowd-funding campaign to renew her fellowship. If they meet their goal, they will keep Mariah on their staff in Ferguson -- and in our newsroom. If they can't fund her fellowship again this way, they will try to move her onto their national team in D.C. -- and we will lose her.

Thanks for any support, and feel free to share with anyone in your network who might be supportive.

Chris King
Managaing editor
The St. Louis American


The most-read story on our site right now is Mariah's profile of Bradley Rayford, the Flo Valley student who became a nationally awarded photojournalist by showing up in Ferguson with his camera: