Sunday, November 30, 2014

Assignment #7: Analyze this. SLPOA calls for Rams players to be "disciplined" and to apologize for hands up gesture.

After some Rams players did this before the game on Sunday November 30, 2014:

The St Louis Police Officers Association made this statement:


Some twitter activists considered the SLPOA language to be reflective of a plantation 'overseer's' mentality.   Against the SLPOA's call for the NFL to punish these players, one  commenter on the Deadspin story had this to say:

The president of the SLPOA is Jeff Roorda, who inspires both strong support and vehement opposition in the rapidly polarizing field of St. Louis discourse on Ferguson. Shaun King explores some aspects of Roorda's political history here.

The Rams won the game that day, against the Oakland Raiders, 52-0.