Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Chooses Sides: Poll Shows Public School Parent Support for Strike

63-65% support the strike, among Latino and African-American parents.

Those opposed: a slight majority (52%) white, a slight majority (52%)  whose kids go to private schools. Still pretty close to even, but sort that out for us.... these folks with kids in private schools are opposed because...?

Chicago Chooses Sides

From Harold Myerson, The American Prospect "The chief takeaway from this poll is that the anti-union education-reform movement doesn’t extend to most parents of children in unionized public schools. So long as this movement persists in its anti-union jihad, even as America’s children become increasingly minority, education reform may condemn itself to remaining a movement of the white upper-middle class. The voting breakdown in the 2011 Washington, D.C., mayoral election between the defeated incumbent Adrian Fenty, who, with overwhelming white establishment support, backed school chief Michelle Rhee in her war on the city’s teachers’ union, and the victorious challenger Vincent Gray, who won a clear majority of black voters, tells the same story as that in this poll of Chicago voters. Confined by its ideological suppositions to the white professional ghetto, the education-reform movement, powerful though it may be, will repeatedly subvert itself in its efforts to transform America’s schools."